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Thank you for joining us on our meeting held on 25th November

Thank you for joining us, everything we discussed will be looked into and confirmed as soon as we can.


Netball South CTSG / 25.11.2020

Updated 3rd November

Following the recent Government announcement we are disappointed to confirm that community netball will be suspended and have prepared an update on what this means for the Netball Family.

Despite this news, we will continue to do all we can to ensure netball will #RiseAgain

Information for the 2020-2021 Season has been emailed out to all contacts

Thank you all for your patience while we have been creating and updating all the information you need for this seasons competitions.

Emails have gone out to all contacts...

* All teams must read and adhere to the COVID 19 Policy

* All clubs to send their Risk Assessment & Risk Mitigation documents to the Netball South Lead COVID-19 officer before first fixture

* Team Registration Forms - Please complete this before your first fixture and return to the League Administrator for your division

* Ensure you team on ENgage is set up with the same list of players and that they are all active members of England Netball and that the team type is REGIONAL

If you have not received the latest information dated 29.09.2020/30.09.2020 please contact your league administrator

Open and U19 - Chris Grainger

U14 and U16 Div 1 - Jo Coker

U14 and U16 Div 2 - Kate Miller


or in the first instance check out the Rules and Regulations page


Open and U19 Regional Preseason Fixtures 

U14 Preseason Fixtures 

U16 Preseason Fixtures 


All Match Rules and documents can be found on the Rules and Regulations page


Updated 30.09.2020


Information for regions, counties, clubs and leagues

England Netball have conducted several surveys and consulted other sporting bodies and have now made some decisions regarding Premier League Netball and the next steps. (Please see attached email).

Following on from this, Netball South has discussed options and have made the following decisions for Netball South competitions in line with England Netball guidance.


Netball South 2019-2020 League Information (Open and Junior)

Netball South 2020-2021 Entry for forthcoming season - Intent to enter (U19 / U16 / U14 / U13) or

use the Online Google Form 


Forms To be returned to:

Netball South (Email address:


Thank you



2019/2020 League Fixtures and Final Table Standings (Based on Average Points)


Open & U19 Fixtures / Final Table Standings

Junior U13 Div 1 Fixtures  / Final Table Standings

Junior U13 Div 2 Fixtures  / Final Table Standings

Junior U14 Div 1 Fixtures  / Final Table Standings

Junior U14 Div 2 Fixtures  / Final Table Standings

Junior U16 Div 1 Fixtures  / Final Table Standings

Junior U16 Div 2 Fixtures  / Final Table Standings



All forms, documents, rules and regulations are available 2020/2021 for download on our Rules and Regulations page


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