Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

2021/2022 Season

Updated 14.01.2022

Rules and Regulations 2021/2022 FInal

Addendum Email dated 03.12.2021 - 

The definition of Higher Level of Netball has been amended to

** Higher Level of Netball –
National team fixture
National Academy
Franchise NPL U21, U19 and U17 official league fixtures


Covid 19 Policy for 2021/2022 Season - rev 14.01.2022 (Updated)

Online 2021-2022 Risk Assessment - This form should be completed and submitted by the HOME Team Manager / Covid Officer

Open and U19 Results Sheet (new for 2021)

Junior Results Sheet (new for 2021)



This form is to be used if a team wishes to Postpone / Rearrange a Fixture
Subject to Rules and Regulations 6.1.6 and 6.1.7

•    This form is to be completed online and will automatically be sent to the relevant age group administrator 
•    Section 2 must be completed before sending to the League administrator (By email)



NS are not using registration forms this season but it is important that all clubs allocate their players to a regional team on engage.

Clubs with 2 teams in the league will register on engage in the following format:

All players to be added to the higher division team

All players minus the eight (8) tied players to be added to the lower division team.

This is to be completed by 10pm on Friday 10th September,

An email should then be sent to confirming this has been done and by doing so you will be agreeing that all the players named  have OPTED IN and given consent for close range photography for the league.



Please read the Rules and Regulations section 5.3

An email should then be sent to confirming this has been done and by doing so you will be agreeing that all the players named  have OPTED IN and given consent for close range photography for the league.

For additional players during the season please see section 5.3.2

For emails during the season please use Email address:

Email subject in the format: Age - Division Name -  Your Team Name - reference


U13 - Pool A - Royals - result sheet 09.10.2021

U14 - Black - CD Phoenix - Additional player registration

U16 - Orange - CD Phoenix - Postponement Request


etc etc


TRANSFER WINDOW 2021/2022 Season

Rule 5.2.8. Transfer Window:-

A transfer window will operate for all divisions at the mid-point of the regional leagues season.

The transfer window will open:

? U13 -The scheduled date for Week 4 = 11th December 2021

? U14/U16 - The scheduled date for Week 8 = 4th December 2021

? U19 - The scheduled date for Week 7 = 12th December 2021

? Open - The scheduled date for Week 7 = 5th December 2021

Players may request a transfer between Regional Clubs under the following conditions Players may ONLY transfer provided the transferring player has taken to the court in less than 12 quarters of the NS-RL games The request will be made in writing to the relevant administrator of the NS-RL using the transfer form with reasons and must be agreed by all parties concerned. Players must NOT play in the NS-RL for 2 games prior to transferring and can start playing for the new team following confirmation the transfer is complete from the league administrator.


2021/2022 Player Transfer Google Form






2020/2021 Season

Rules and Regulations

Appendum to Rules and Regulations V3 (Updated 04.05.2021)

Covid19 Policy - Rev 4 (31.03.2021)

Risk Assessment Checklist - NEW ONLINE FORM

South Region COVID Competition Risk Assessment - To be completed at every match


Other Forms & Documents 2021/2022

Postponement / Rearrangement Request Form - New forms coming soon

Running Score Sheet (rev Template B INF - Jan 2018)
Score Sheet Instructions (rev Jan 2018)
Score Sheet Example (rev Oct 2019)
Timing sheet

Accident Policy (rev July 2015)
Accident Report Form
Age Banding Process 
Age Banding Application Form 
Codes of Conduct (rev Jan 2019)

EN Social Media Policy (rev Apr 2020)

EN Concussion Guidelines (Guidelines) Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 / Appendix 3

Updated 22.10.2020

We have received a number of enquiries from clubs and leagues around the subject of live streaming matches to enable those who would ordinarily have watched as a spectator, to still do that – albeit remotely. Please find attached the existing EN guidance for taking photographs and video recording, as well as the guidance around the use of social media.

In relation to live streaming specifically you must in the first instance check with all persons who could potentially be captured in the recording that they agree to be recorded– your players, officials and benches. We assume that clubs already have an “opt in” policy in relation to photos and video recording, so we advise that for this season youshould completean additional opt in process for live streaming and adapt your club paperwork for next season so that they are all included as one.

If you wish to live stream a match, you must check with the opposition and umpires well in advance of the fixture date – not on the day – and provide details of where the recording will be streamed and who will have access to it to enable the opposition to make an informed decision.  In every case however, the video must be password protected and only available to the 2 teams playing.

Please note this policy applies to Netball South Regional League games only at this time


Netball South CTSG


2019/2020 Season

Rules and Regulations - FINAL - Word Doc Version for the 2019-2020 season

Rules and Regulations - FINAL - PDF Version for the 2019-2020 season

EN Concussion Guidelines (Guidelines) Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 / Appendix 3

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