Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Season 2023/2024

The Competition Technical Support Group is Chaired by:

Toni Brunsdon (Interim Chair)  Email:

Regional Leagues and Tournaments are administered by: The Regional Management Board

For all Leagues and Tournaments please ONLY use email:


Forms and League Documents

Match Day

* Rules and regulations-- Handbook

* Fixture Confirmation Template   Google Form


* Senior Result Sheet PDF rev 16.11.23     Google Form

* Senior Google Form to upload results rev 16.11.23  Google Form

* Junior Results Sheet PDF (Rev 25.02.2024)   Google Form

* Junior Google Form to upload results (Rev 25.02.2024)   Google Form

* Match Day Risk Assessment (Rev 16.11.23)  Google Form

* Accident reporting policy  Google Form /  Accident report form       Google Form

* Playing under Protest            Google Form

* Running Score Sheet  Google Form         Running Score Sheet instructions  Google Form

Running Score Sheet Example     Google Form

* Injury Timing Sheet   Google Form


Pre Match Day

* Additional player form  Rev 16.11.23 Google Form - Please complete this form for any additional players that you have added to EnGage.

Any additions to teams must be logged on this form and on EnGage by 17:00 hrs on the Thursday prior to the fixture.

* Change of Contact Google Doc rev 16.11.23  Google Form

* Fixture Postponement /Rearrangement Request Form rev 16.11.23   Google Form

* Age Banding Process    Google Form / *Age Banding Application Form  Google Form



* Transfer Form  rev 16.11.23 Google Form   TRANSFER WINDOW 2023/2024 Season 15th December to 1st January for all age groups






* Matters of Concern Process  Google Form                     * Matter of Concern                 Google Form

* Venue Risk Assessment   Google Form

EN Codes of Conduct  Google Form            EN Social Media Policy  Google Form

Concussion Guidelines (Guidelines Google Form) (Appendix 1 Google Form) (Appendix 2 Google Form) (Appendix 3 Google Form)

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