North Bucks

North Bucks Netball Association is a committee of volunteers working to support and promote netball within North Bucks & Milton Keynes and to help to develop players, umpires, coaches, volunteers, clubs, schools and all aspects of netball within the county. We are keen to hear from our members about how we can best support them to deliver netball within the county and welcome their ideas and views on any aspect of netball within the county.

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Julie Tucker

Vice Chairperson

Rosalyn Battrum


Lyn Palmer


Ali Ladyman

Umpiring Secretary

Carolyn Davies

Coaching Secretary

Marj Ellis

Talent Co-ordinator


Publicity Officer

Lynne Lake

MKINL Chairperson

Jenny Payne

ADNL Chairperson


Sheena Woodward

AJNL Chairperson

Gilly Bettis 

Netball Development Officer

Joanne Odro


Netball Development Community Coach

Louise Exton