Netball South Competitions - Social Media Update

Netball South Competitions - Social Media Update
Live Streaming

Updated 22.10.2020

We have received a number of enquiries from clubs and leagues around the subject of live streaming matches to enable those who would ordinarily have watched as a spectator, to still do that – albeit remotely. Please find attached the existing EN guidance for taking photographs and video recording, as well as the guidance around the use of social media.

In relation to live streaming specifically you must in the first instance check with all persons who could potentially be captured in the recording that they agree to be recorded– your players, officials and benches. We assume that clubs already have an “opt in” policy in relation to photos and video recording, so we advise that for this season youshould completean additional opt in process for live streaming and adapt your club paperwork for next season so that they are all included as one.

If you wish to live stream a match, you must check with the opposition and umpires well in advance of the fixture date – not on the day – and provide details of where the recording will be streamed and who will have access to it to enable the opposition to make an informed decision.  In every case however, the video must be password protected and only available to the 2 teams playing.

Please note this policy applies to Netball South Regional League games only at this time


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