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Netball South is constantly looking to develop and improve the network of coaches within the Region. UKCC courses are organised to help coaches qualify at a variety of levels and the Region organise independent workshops to support and develop them.

UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC)

The Netball UKCC is about supporting Our Great Game and making coaching better and therefore supporting our players of today and tomorrow. It is an endorsement of sports-specific coach education. It ensures that sports are delivering the best available, athlete centred coaching both in recreational, development and performance environments. The UKCC will significantly change the shape and quality of coach education within and across Netball.

Please visit the Coaching Section of the England Netball Website for more information about the UKCC and courses in your area.

UKCC Level 2 Conversion

In order to maintain their active coaching status, coaches will need to attend a UKCC Level 2 conversion course before the 31st March 2015. 

The changes to our qualification structure have been widely publicised for over two years and there have been UKCC Level 2 Conversion Courses running across the country, so coaches should have been able to access a course within their region. 
It is important to note that an affiliated Level 2 coach will only be insured for both Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for delivering a recognised and authorised netballing coaching activity if they have attained the UKCC Level 2 Award by 31st March 2015.

If they are a Level 1 or old EN Level 2 coach working directly under a UKCC level 2 coach after 31st March, this is fine insurance wise, but it is the responsibility of the UKCC L2 coach to be in charge of the session.

Even if the Level 1 or old EN Level 2 have their own insurance they would not be insured by EN through their membership and shouldn’t be coaching alone. The players insurance would not be affected should they suffer an injury themselves.

To summarise, ultimately any coaching being delivered by non-appropriately qualified coaches will only be insured whilst under the direct supervision of the qualified UKCC Level 2 or above coach.



These 3-4 hour practical coaching workshops are aimed at providing club coaches and teachers who are regularly planning sessions with a better understanding of specific areas of player and game development, the toolkit required to analyse and correct technique, and fresh ideas for building practices and sessions.

The series of workshops have been carefully designed to complement the qualifications pathway (UKCC) and Excel Framework.

Candidates are provided with high-quality resources and coaching cards to take away and use in their own coaching environments and are actively encouraged to participate in the activities during the workshops.

Workshops range from £25–£45 with discounts available for affiliated members. 

Please see the Courses section for more information about workshops in the Region. 

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