Virtual League Fixtures and Documents

Virtual League Fixtures and Documents

After hosting the PILOT session on Saturday 16th Jan 2021, the 2021 Virtual League started on 23rd Jan 2021..

Virtual League Results Tables can be found on the Competitions Regional League webpage scroll to the bottom



Documents You Need:

1. Details of the League

2. Exercise Format and Disclaimer

The recurring zoom login has been emailed as at 20.01.2021

Scoring spreadsheet has been emailed on 25.01.2021, and only this version must be used, please see NOTES on completion below.



U13 Fixtures version 2

U14 Fixtures

U16 Fixtures

U19 Fixtures


Updated 25.01.2021

To enable the complex scoring system, please complete the scoresheets as follows:

1. Please ONLY use the version of the Scoresheet that went out by email on 25.01.2021

2. In cell C2 enter your Team Name and Age Group

3. In cell D3 enter a number between 1 & 10.  Any other text will be rejected

4. In rows 7 to 33 enter the players names and their individual scores

    a. If no score for any round then enter 0

    b. Do not highlight top 5 scores

    c. Do not delte scores not in top 5

    d. Do not enter anything other than the score or 0

    e. Do not total the columns

    f. Do not average the columns

5. Do not alter the layout of the scoring sheet in any way

6. Do not use any other version of the scoring sheet

7. Please email to

8. Please send as an attached spreadsheet, NOT a PDF, Google File, One Drive file or shared file

9. Ensure you pass the scoring spreadsheet to all your scorers


BY Completing in this way we can produce results quickly and efficiently


Have fun everyone and be safe

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